Put the Cup Down(!)

Do you ever feel so full that you can’t take in one more thing? Full to the brim with life in all its victories and challenges. A feeling of being at full capacity in every sense; physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and the list goes on.

I know I’m not the only one to be feeling the coronavirus fatigue, experiencing disruptions in all areas of life. School attendance is unpredictable, work requires flexibility, relationships are being held with physical distance, energy is frayed. The impact is hard to hold, especially with a sense of the unknown future ahead.

I’ve felt the weight of carrying so much and have felt like my metaphorical cup is so full up that it’s spilling over. It manifests itself in ways such as illness, tiredness, tears and low energy. I have felt the pull to carry on, to minimise the spillage while the cup is still filling up. It’s an exhausting balancing act!

This morning I felt the need to put down the cup..! To let it pause and rest. To stop for a moment, the inflow of more. It’s not always easy. I battle the voice inside my head telling me “You should…do this thing, be at that thing, call that person, tidy that up, get on with what needs doing.” I have to turn the volume down on these demands and tune in to what my body and soul needs and when I do that, I hear a voice crying out for rest.

The result of doing so this morning was a sense of breathing space, a moment to inhale. The cup is still very much full but it’s contents aren’t being sloshed all over, trying to accomodate more. For me this looks like a quiet day at home, reading, painting and being by the fire with a cup of tea. The things that nourish me as I am today. Tomorrow will take care of itself but for today, I put my cup down and tended to what my soul needed.

What do you need? Do you need to put your cup down, even for a day? What nourishes your soul?

Published by Leanne Riley

I am a Contractual Trainee Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist. I like to write about emotional well-being, often including art and creativity in my work.

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