A bit more about me…

Leanne Riley. Connection Point Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I began my working life in Primary Education Dance and Community Arts with children and young people. Although I don’t directly work in this area anymore, my past experience informs my current work and areas of interest. I use art and creativity personally and professionally and I’m deeply interested in how we can express ourselves and make meaning of our experiences. Perhaps its my dance background that causes me to be interested in bodily experience too, our felt sense of things alongside the engaging of our thoughts- I am fascinated by the link between the two!

I feel very passionate about the need for people to experience a safe space to talk about feelings and work through difficulties. It can take time and trust for this space to be built and I keep that in mind. The relationship between client and therapist is important, often providing opportunity for new experiences and healing to take place. To ensure I am bringing the best of myself to my work in assisting you, I am committed to my own development both personally through therapy, and professionally.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling from the TA Training Organisation in Leeds and have recently recieved my endorsement contract from the European Association for Transactional Analysis to continue training towards Certified Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist status.

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