Big You, Little You.

PART 1 I love these nesting dolls as they provide a visual representation of how we all have younger versions of ourselves inside of us. As we grow up and become adults we don’t leave behind our younger selves, they remain within us. All the layers of our developing selves add up to the personContinue reading “Big You, Little You.”

Put the Cup Down(!)

Do you ever feel so full that you can’t take in one more thing? Full to the brim with life in all its victories and challenges. A feeling of being at full capacity in every sense; physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and the list goes on. I know I’m not the only one to be feelingContinue reading “Put the Cup Down(!)”

Summer SAD

Otherwise known as reverse seasonal affective disorder. You’re likely to have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder- SAD for short. You may even have heard it described as “winter depression”. It’s characterised by a feeling of low mood, irritability and loss of interest in normal activities, prevalent during winter months. It’s real and it’s exhausting forContinue reading “Summer SAD”

It’s been a while…

It’s been awhile This is a phrase that has kept repeating itself to me recently so I thought about what that means for me: It’s been a while since I’ve seen and hugged people. It’s been a while since I’ve visited certain places. It’s been a while since doing the school run. It’s been aContinue reading “It’s been a while…”

Therapy hurts: It Hurts So Good

Imagine attending to a gash on your leg with a plaster, it keeps it covered and it may well do the job for a while. Then it starts to itch, becoming more noticeable and eventually starts to get in the way of daily activity. You take the plaster off and realise it needs a bitContinue reading “Therapy hurts: It Hurts So Good”

(But) or and…

Its usual to hear the word ‘but’ used to join together two sentences or two thoughts; “It was good but…” “I’m really struggling but I should look at the positives.” It’s used to connect contrasting ideas and the the intention is often to recognise both positive and negative aspects, to be aware of different perspectives.Continue reading “(But) or and…”

Overwhelming freedom: anxiety beyond Covid 19

I have become increasingly aware of people’s growing anxiety during this time. A different type of anxiety I should say; one of nervousness and trepidation about what comes next. Of course to acknowledge the balance, this time has brought blessed relief for some and allowed time to slow down, rest and perhaps learn something new.Continue reading “Overwhelming freedom: anxiety beyond Covid 19”

Tell them: When you see something beautiful.

Words stick. Negative ones are especially sticky. It can feel strange to tell someone when you notice something beautiful about them and it can be unusual to hear, but it lasts and can make the world of difference. One moment that has stayed with me was from an evening last winter when leaving the localContinue reading “Tell them: When you see something beautiful.”